The Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences




Established in the academic year 1991-1992, The Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences started with nine students to have around 300 students this semester.

In accordance with the goals set forth by IUG and the Faculty  of Health Sciences, the department is committed to providing skilled, critically-thinking practitioners equipped to be future leaders in health sciences. . In this pursuit, the Department is committed to active engagement of undergraduate and graduate students in experiential learning, to forming collaborative partnerships with educational, clinical, industrial and research experts locally and globally.

Graduates of the department have been employed in many local and governmental institutions like the Ministry of Health medical laboratories and those of Pharmaceutical companies, and biological factories as dairy factories. 

Students have been accepted at the Admission Department of Medical Laboratory, at the Faculty of Health Sciences, after completing the first chapter and end a general chemistry courses and General Biology so that the  student must have  70% and above in these courses. Students also can be accepted in  postgraduate studies after meeting the medical laboratory department conditions..