Medical Laboratory Science is one of the most important medical specialties where usually divided into four major sections namely: Medical Microbiology; Clinical Biochemistry; Hematology and Blood Transfusion; and histopathology. We can say that Medical Laboratory Sciences aims to study disease detection and diagnosis for the sake of proper treatment and follow-up of patients.

Students may ask why I become a medical laboratory specialist. The answer is that the profession of a medical laboratory specialist is a modern and emerging profession and ensures a constant income. Current medical laboratories become more complex than those laboratories that have found ten years ago, and while advancing new discoveries and evolving scientific knowledge, the role of the researcher continues for change and scientific expansion.

We can see nowadays the impact of the developed medical tests and its role in the diagnosis of health problems such as cancer caused by birth defects. In general, the medical laboratory specialist profession is in fact as a magical career that combines science, technology and service to others. The Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences at the Islamic University seeks to graduate specialists and distinguished medical laboratory technicians able to develop the profession, as well as able to continue their higher studies in the most prestigious universities in the world.

In conclusion, I wish success for all of our students in different departments, colleges and universities and command them to fear Allah and to recruit what they learned for the benefit of humanity.


Mr. Ahmed Selmi

Head of Medical Laboratory Sciences Department