The Health Sciences Faculty is giving a special attention for the Medical Laboratory Sciences Department, due to privacy and as being the first program of its kind in the Gaza Strip. Other factors include its importance in the development of the health sector, which has suffered greatly from negligence during years of occupation and due to the importance of this specialization in the development of other sectors such as analysis of food, water and the environment.

The department has a number of scientific laboratories which is equipped with the best instruments needed for the study and conducting experiments. The department is also keen to modernize its laboratories continuously, and to use the advanced methods of teaching including the use of Web CT system, and the provision of computer educational programs and make it available to students free of charge.

The University provides a number of computer labs to serve the educational process and scientific research. The University also offers its students online service to enable them to connect to other libraries and research centers and access to information from various sources. The library provides a large number of references, periodicals and books in various fields which are available for students and researchers.