About Us

Physical therapy is one of the most dynamic medical professions, which plays important role in rehabilitating patient to his or her pre-disease status, using physical modalities.


The therapeutic exercises, hydrotherapy and electro therapy modalities (infrared and ultraviolet, laser, short waves diathermy  and therapeutic ultrasound ......... etc.) are the basic techniques and modalities that used in physiotherapy treatment process.


The department aims to train students to understand functional diagnosis and management of the

patient, aimed at learning structural and functional impairments, activity limitation and participation

restriction, to be qualified and pioneers in the field. 


The general objectives are as follows:

  • To identify, discuss and analyze various physical conditions and dysfunctions
  • To implement the techniques and approaches of physiotherapy in the right way.
  • To treat clients with different diagnosis and minimizing the consequences of the diseases by physiotherapy modalities and education programs.